Friday, June 02, 2006

New York Comptroller Alan Hevesi: Chuck Schumer Should Kill George Bush...No, No, I'm Just Kidding

If a Republican had said this, you'd be hearing all about hate speech and the evils of talk radio for weeks. The fact that New York's comptroller used a commencement gig at Queens College to endorse the president's assassination is beyond embarrassing, stupid, or moronic. It's scandalous and criminal. The fact that Alan Hevesi joked about the murder of a sitting president while making an analogy about liberal hack Chuck Schumer's "toughness" by claiming that Schumer would bump W off, could he get away with it, should outrage the Senator and his staff, and they should be pulling every string they can to demand Hevesi's immediate resignation.

That, of course, won't happen. Schumer's staff is already saying they accept the comptroller's apology and consider the matter closed. Curiously absent from Hevesi's mea culpa was a direct apology to the huge anti-gun lobby that drives so much of his own party's agenda. (Understand that I use the word agenda loosely).

All of this is very curious. The only explanation I can think of for Hevesi's complete pass is the fact that the current Democratic establishment actually rewards counterintuitive public behavior as a golden ticket for rising through the party ranks. Out-deaning, oh, say, party boss Howard Dean, almost requires something this outrageous. Will the party start reigning these stunts in before it totally implodes? If Schumer's response is any indication, the eight ball's saying 'no'. Hope you're having fun being tough, Chuck. It builds the kind of character you're going to need after the midterm elections don't go the way you and your out of touch cronies are hoping.


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