Saturday, May 27, 2006

White House Compares Illegal Immigration To Traffic Ticket

I didn't really consider this news yesterday when it broke, but since I'm blacklisting the Iran debacle, I've got to use the sagey skills in new creative ways.

Tony Snow is smart, smart man, but he's not having an easy time transitioning into his new role. Yes, he actually did liken getting caught being in this country illegally and not being deported to getting a speeding ticket but still being allowed to drive. Many in Congress were not amused.

Will Adams, spokesman for Colorado Rep. Tom Tancredo (R) said this: "Here's a more apt analogy. You get stopped for speeding, and you say to the cop: 'Hey listen, you're about to give me a $300 ticket. How about we make it 20 bucks and just call it even?'

Will Adams, your American Sage for May 27, 2006. Hit the books, Tony. DeadEye probably has a couple volumes of Strauss for you.


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