Thursday, May 11, 2006

Senate on NSA Goose Hunt, Hayden The Perfect Scapegoat?

Note to the Senate: the NSA is, by design, untouchable. You can't touch them because they won't grant your investigators and lawyers clearance. What more needs to be said? This isn't an Administration, issue, Sen. Leahy. The NSA doesn't answer to the President or to you. Sen. Specter, you can subpoena all the phone companies you want, but you'll never have an NSA operative on the stand.

Instead, you'll have its director.

Remember what I said about Hayden's nomination being a cover? People in high places must have known this story was about to break and are hoping the defeat of Hayden's confirmation will appease grandstanding politicians needing to make some pre-November hay. Assuaging public backlash night also be a motive. Hayden will take the fall, the Senate will congratulate itself and the NSA will go about its business. Another Straussian masterstroke. Well played, Big Brother, well played.


Anonymous Jon said...

The NSA isn't untouchable(as far as I know). Congress has a real power over it(and other agencies), they just don't exercise it. Congress has the power of the purse. Slashing funding would probably get their attention. Can't do that, they gotta get the terrorists. A move like that would be political suicide.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous a.s. said...

I like how Fark put it. It went something like

Congress: "NSA, are you spying on American citizens?"
NSA: "Die in a fire."

Your point about political suicide is dead on, but I do wonder about how much control Congress actually has over agencies like these and I imagine there are "other ways" of funding.

So, do you agree that Hayden's being prepped to take the fall? Going one more step, is that the reason Porter Goss stepped down in the first place? Only DeadEye and Papa Bush know for sure. Jeb in '08!

2:31 PM  
Anonymous Jon said...

I'm sure there could be some shady funding sources. I doubt other sources would be able to provide the necessary funding. Congress could eliminate the funding. Nothing the president could do. He gets funds when Congress provides them.

Hayden a decoy? I think Bush is really picking who he wants. If I were him, I would do what I wanted until Congress stopped me. As long as he doesn't commit a crime he is done at the end of this term. Goss stepping down makes it look like they are doing something when really nothing is changing.

1:54 AM  

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