Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Rice Praises European Plan on Iran, Supports "Civilian" Nuke Program

A day after the mainstream media reported the failure of major powers to agree on a course of action vis-a-vis Iran, U.S. Secretary of State Condoleeza rice praised a new diplomatic plan put forth by Britain, France and Germany today. The European proposal would inform Tehran of a table incentives and sanctions for cooperating with the international community as it seeks to develop nuclear power or failing to do so.

"Iran can either defy the international community and face isolation and
U.N. Security Council action," Rice said, "or accept a path with a civilian nuclear program that is acceptable to the international community." What that path might look like remains to be seen.

Inspections and international oversight of Iran's nuclear program will no doubt be required by the protocol, but inspections and international oversight were also required of Iraq as a term of the first Gulf War cease-fire. What will happen when Tehran eventually defies international agreements? That depends on how beholden Russia and China, this year's France and Germany, remain to Iran's interests.


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