Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Reynolds' "Army Of Davids" Rising

In Friday's post, a flip little look at the judicial watchdog legislation, I mentioned Glenn Reynolds' new book An Army of Davids in passing. Glenn Reynolds is the law professor behind InstaPundit, one of the most wildly successful blogs going. The book's subtitle, "How Markets and Technology Empower Ordinary People to Beat Big Media, Big Government, and Other Goliaths," makes its central premise clear. Recent history shows it also to be sound. Chief among these rock slinging Davids are the bloggers and their readers, though we are by no means the only Davids out there. Self-taught professionals of every stripe using readily available information to do for themselves what they once relied on Big Everything for fill in the ranks and often overlap with those writing from the front.

Bloggers As a Case Study

While the Rathergate scandal proved the political clout of angry, informed citizen journalists almost 2 years ago, recent events have proven the blogging community's chops at moralsuasion. Blogads, a top blog advertizing service, makes this emerging reality part of their standard pitch: "Read by fanatics, pundits and journalists, blogs increasingly set the insider agenda. Use blogads to engage where opinions are made blogs to shape opinion makers as a top selling point for blog advertising."

Yesterday's day-after coverage of Monday's May Day protests was a profound example of this new truth. While FoxNews and other mainstream outlets referred to the event as a "A Day Without Immigrants" in real time, the blogosphere (and, surprisingly, CNN's Lou Dobbs) lit up with demands that Big Media name these protests for what they were: illegal immigrants protesting for amnesty. In turn, Tuesday's edition of Fox's Dayside newsmagazine ripped the mainstream coverage (failing to mention its own) with all sorts of zeal before tearing some clown from the New Black Panthers to shreds in full-on blogger fashion.

The impact being made by independent citizens may well be unprecedented in modern history. As widely available and affordable technologies level the respective playing fields of what I'll call the Industriobeurocratic Establishment, (Max Weber called it the Iron Cage and in 5 more years it will be known as the Second Acien Regime), private citizens are setting the agenda and writing the history of consensus reality in the 21st Century.

Participation in this endeavor is, of course, limited to those with access to the increasingly (though not perfectly) democratizing means of cultural production. Bloggers and their counterparts tend to be highly educated and able to leverage their savvy in pursuit of their goals and interests. As David rises, he must not forget those still behind enemy lines.


Anonymous gunjam said...

Good post. Although this is probably not exactly what you were getting at, it is not altogether off-topic for me to give my pitch here for the "little bloggers" that the MSBS (Mainstream Blogosphere -- term coined by me) bigs sometimes ignore to their peril.

It seems like history repeats itself. Just as the MSM ignored the MSBS at its own peril, in the same fashion, the MSBS bigs will ignore the "little blogs" to their peril, as well.

For instance, one theme that the MSBS blogs just cannot seem to get their hands around is the absolute anger that many of us smaller bloggers feel for the Bush/Dumbsfeld team for their rules of engagement and general approach to the war in Iraq (and Afghanistan).

Don't get me wrong: I am VERY pro-war. My own son just returned in January from a combat tour in Iraq.

My heartburn is with the Bush Administration's Marquis de Queensbury Rules of Engagement in Iraq. My heartburn is with the Bush Administration's overwrought, politically correct mea culpas (and accompanying court martials of the lowest of the low-ranking troops involved, with the resultant absurdly draconian sentences meted out in some instances). What the hell? Why haven't they taken out Moktadr al-Sadr, yet? Why didn't Bush/Rumsfeld DEFEND the Abu Ghraib nonsense as college pranks as compared to the throat slitting and head-cutting practiced by the terrorists.

How many GIs have NEEDLESSLY lost their lives due to our politically correct "catch and release" (Michael Yon's term) policy toward known terrorists in Iraq. Why are our boys not authorized to execute such animals on the spot?

Instead, we have the absurd spectacle of US troops being read their rights, being given Article 15s, being given Letters of Reprimand, and being court martialed for being less than gentlemanly toward known and/or suspected terrorists.

It is absurd and Dumbsfeld should have been canned MONTHS ago for his gutless handling of the Abu Ghraib tempest in a teapot.

Furthermore, why is the clueless Pentagon CONTINUING to permit reporters from KNOWN seditious news organizations (e.g., AP, CNN, NBC) to EMBED with our troops. There is no excuse for this idiocy and such policies should disabuse anyone of the miconception that the majority of American military Generals/Admirals are political conservatives: They plainly are NOT!

The one major voice that seems to be making the same points I am laying out her is that of Michael Savage, another persona non grata. I challenge anyone to find a single (by name) mention of Savage by ANY BIG blogger, such as Hugh Hewitt, Michelle Malkin, or Glenn Reynolds.

No, these MSBS denizens give Savage the same cold shoulder that Dan Rather gave the MSBS -- until he was out of a job. -- gunjam

11:20 PM  

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