Friday, May 12, 2006

Israel Releases Aid Funds to PA, Hamas Ready to Recognize Israel?

There's trouble in Paradise for Islamofascist demagogues today. That Zionist regime they refuse to recognize? Just gave millions in relief to the Palestinian people despite those people having "elected" Hamas to power last fall. Unless you're a writer for the AP, you know that Hamas has historically rejected Israel's right to exist and has been behind thousands of terrorist attacks aimed at destroying the Jewish state. (The linked article, for example, notes that Hamas faces mounting international pressure to denounce the use of violence in achieving its goals. Less "objective" accounts use the word "terrorism" there, and rightly so.)

Some are speculating that new calls for the peaceful coexistence of Palestinian and Israel states from jailed Hamas and Fatah leaders marks a turning point in the region, but so far there's been no commitment to that kind of detente from PA leaders on the ground. In a smart political and moral move, the aid now flows from Zion regardless. With it comes the placement of the diplomatic ball firmly in the PA's court.


Anonymous AC said...

here's hoping the Hamas don't use it to buy guns and uranium.

4:06 PM  

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