Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Iraq Is Not Vietnam

Think the word "quagmire" is getting overexposed? Me too. The Hoover Institution offers compelling evidence that Iraq is not Vietnam, rock star foreign policy analysts to the contrary.


Anonymous Chad Hogg said...

Although the linked article makes some good points, I still think the majority of the difference between Vietnam and Iraq is in intensity. The Iraq war isn't as unpopular as the Vietnam conflict, but it is unpopular. The enemy's military presence isn't as powerful as in Vietnam, bit it is powerful. Life for a typical Iraqui citizen isn't as chaotic as it had been for a South Vietnamese citizen, but it is chaotic. Perhaps because I do not follow political analysis and had not thought about this parallel before, I find the similarities striking.

As for the word "quagmire", aside from any semantic association with the Vietnam conflict I think it is a quite reasonable term for what is currently happening on the ground in Iraq and in the opinions of the international community. Regardless of whether you think the was justified, or winnable, or whatever, I can't see any situation in which a foreign power tries to hold together a nation that would otherwise be in civil war not being a "difficult or precarious situation".

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