Friday, May 12, 2006

Immigration Causing Rift Among Environmentalists

"Immigration is one of the leading contributors to population growth. All we're saying is, those numbers should be reduced to achieve population stabilization," says Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. Watson was a board member of the Sierra Club until last month when he resigned over concerns that "the organization ignores immigration as a major factor in population growth," according to today's Christian Science Monitor. Other environmentalists, reluctant to tint their green souls the slightest shade of red, disagree. Sadly, progressives continue to miss the boat on the real justice issues in this debate, wrongly casting it in terms of the so-called culture wars and playing Switzerland.

I'll be honest: I hear population control and I get very worried about eugenics (you can thank Planned Parenthood for that). I am sympathetic, though, to Watson's frustration that supporting practical immigration policies is something progressive groups have given up on. It's not like they'd be misstating a prominent plank in the party platform or anything. That's what the Party suits are for.


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CBS ran the Watson story on 5/14, two days after this post. I wonder if they pay someone to monitor Technorati.

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