Saturday, May 06, 2006

Harris Poll: 43% of Democrats Oppose Abortion, DNC Needs Bigger Tent

According to pro-life clearinghouse, public support for the Roe v. Wade decision is "at its lowest point ever".

The national poll found the nation skewing in favor of the 1973 ruling by 2% (49% to 47%), a statistical dead heat within the survey's margin of error.

Republicans oppose Roe by a slighter higher margin (61-37%) than Democrats support it, while 44% of everyone surveyed supported South Dakota's move to outlaw all abortions where a mother's life is not at stake. The Wall Street Journal has a breakdown of the poll questions here and a public opinion graph here.

These findings bolster what pro-life activists have been saying to each other for some time: support for unlimited access to legal abortions is no longer an American monolith. Absent from the story is the particularly disturbing fact that abortion approval is highest among males aged 18-32. My own unscientific survey suggests this is the same demographic that least supports the wearing of condoms and the paying of patrimony.

Republicans have been consistently pressured by moderates and so-called RINOs to make room for pro-choice voices in their party in the last decade. Lately, Democrats have started to follow suit in the opposite direction. Could this poll help grant pro-life Democrats the kind of acceptance among Blue Staters that Rudy Giuliani enjoys in his party? Will Bob Casey, Jr. (perhaps the next junior Senator from Pennsylvania) get the kind of respect from Democratic leaders (forget the leftwing base) embarrassingly denied to his late father? Only time will tell, but with 43% of the party sharing the Caseys' pro-life views, the Dems may want to muzzle some of their more vocal leftwing extremists. That, however, would require a DNC Chair who wasn't one.

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Anonymous politicsaddict said...

Thanks for the suggestion, A.S.

I have put up the latest PSB issue about Democrats and pro-life voters here.

I would appreciate your comments on my take on it.

7:05 PM  
Anonymous Johnnie Burgess Jr. said...

Bob Casey, Jr is only getting support because the democrats want to regain the senate. They will not let him speak at the national convention like they would not let his father.

2:40 PM  

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