Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Breaking: Mexico Voters Fear Nation on Edge of Chaos

Does anyone really think securing these borders by any means necessary is a bad thing? Corruption has been the life story of the Mexican state for a long, long, time, but this is ridiculous. You've heard it said that good fences make good neighbors? In this case, I'd say militarized borders make great ones. President Bush, however, has been careful to say that deploying the Guard to the border does not indicate a move toward militarization. Two pertinent pieces in this debate:

Guard's Impact At The Border
A generally positive look at the difference 6000 National Guard troops may make. This article does a good job pointing out what an outstanding organization the National Guard is and highlighting areas the Guard could be effective, even given their limited role. From the Christian Science Monitor via Yahoo.

Minutemen Dismiss Border Plan
"This is a token deployment of unarmed and grossly inadequate numbers of National Guardsmen to the border, placing them in the same demoralizing position as the Border Patrol ... outmanned and outgunned against the international crime cartels." - Connie Hair, Minutemen Spokesperson, worried that the Guard's limited role at the border will undermine success and perpetuate the unacceptable status quo. From the AP, via KPHO in Phoenix.


Anonymous Chad Hogg said...

Yes, there is a person who believes that, and you know him quite well. :) I presume you were merely using hyperbole, but I believe quite firmly that doing *anything* "by any means necessary" is a very bad thing. How far does "any means" extend? What if it is necessary to increase the national income tax by 1% to finance more border guards? What if it is necessary to transfer troops from Iraq to patrol the border? How about re-enacting forced conscription? If any number of people can't solve the problem, then perhaps it is necessary drop land mines throughout the southern states? Maybe we will need to just make the terrain inhospitable for miles by scorching it with nuclear weapons? I could go on, but I imagine you see my point by now.

As for closing the border in general, I have mixed feelings about it. As you imply, it would certainly be a bad thing to allow the current instability and violence in Mexico creep north into the United States. But have you considered how bad of an idea it might be to essentially lock innocent Mexicans in a state where they fear for their lives from the drug lords and the police? Obviously it isn't nearly to the same degree, but this makes me think of all the nations that refused to allow Jewish people fleeing the Holocaust to enter their country.

By the way, you posted the same link twice.

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