Wednesday, May 03, 2006

2006 Hybrid Tax Credits, Lawmakers in Golf Carts and More on Price Gouging

South Carolina State Representative Todd Rutherford must have taken this post seriously. Rutherford, a Democrat from Columbia, is forsaking traditional transportation in the face of rising gas prices. A model of efficiency, innovation and self-deprecation, Rutherford is on is way to American Sage status. Read more here.

Blueprint for Financial Prosperity, a personal finance blog, recently posted a listing of the 2006 tax credits for purchasing specific hybrid cars. In light of recent posts here, I pass this on to you. Thanks to Jim at Blueprint.

Toyota Prius (05, 06) - $3150
Toyota Highlander Hybrid (06) - $2600 (2WD & 4WD)
Lexus RX400h (06) - $2200 (2WD & 4WD)
Toyota Camry Hybrid (07) - $2600
Lexus GSA 450h (07) - $1550
Ford Escape Hybrid, Mercury Mariner Hybrid - $1950 4WD
Ford Escape Hybrid FWD - $2600

More tips and comments here.

Though repeated investigations have found no direct evidence of collusion by Big Oil's industry leaders, the U.S. House is poised to pass new price gouging legislation as the nation continues to face record prices. We're still waiting on a similar tax gouging bill. We're not holding our breath.

Lastly, Carnival of The Capitalists, a leading blog carnival, is up at Interim Thoughts. AmericanSage's recent alt energy article is featured this week. Be sure to check out the other contributors and consider contributing yourself.


Anonymous jim said...

Thanks for the link!

2:21 PM  
Anonymous Soma said...

Here's an interesting factoid I just read: before we get all hyped up about liberals driving SUVs, maybe we should consider this: 284 gallons of oil go into fattening a 1,250-pound cow for slaughter (David Pimentel, Professor of Ecology, Cornell University).

I'm not saying we shouldn't drive less or get hybrids, cause one thing is never going to be enough, but we definitely need to start looking at more comprehensive solutions to our burgeoning energy crisis.

4:22 AM  

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