Sunday, April 23, 2006

The True Face of Islamofacism

Bin Laden calls for Holy War against peacekeepers in Darfur

Osama bin Laden issued new threats in video tape released today encouraging Islamic fundamentalists to take up arms in Sudan if the UN makes good on plans to send peacekeeping forces to that war-torn nation.

The conflict between rebels in Darfur and the central Islamic government in Sudan (where slavery and the crucifixion of Christians is commonplace even under normal political conditions) has claimed almost 200,000 lives and rendered 2 million more homeless or displaced. MSNBC notes that "the United Nations has described the conflict as the world's gravest humanitarian crisis. The United States has described it as genocide."

Where leaders in the civilized world see genoicde and widespread evil in Darfur, "holy" warrior bin Ladin sees a chance to undermine peace and promote the goals of the like-minded thugs running Sudan, killing anyone found in disagreement with their twisted worldview and calling young Muslims to similar fate. This is the face of Islamofascism, a system adding daily to the rolls of those murdered, orhpaned and oppressed in Darfur and elswhere as the ground human fodder of Allah's bloody eschaton. That kingdom must not come.


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