Saturday, April 22, 2006

Classy Dean Rides The Donkey Through New Orleans

The mainstream press is reporting, with all the objectivity it can seem to muster, another of Howard Dean's implosive mini-rants. This time the dateline is New Olreans, and Dean, making his "first post-Katrina visit," took time out from the heavy lifting to shovel something else: "I don't want to be partisan at a time like this, but this is why the Republicans are going to be out of business," Dean said, pointing to the destruction around him. 'Nine months after the hurricane, to have this? This is ridiculous. This is not the America we grew up in.'

Then again, pre-Katrina New Orleans, like most of America, was never much like the America Dean grew up in, what with his wealthy family's membership to the exclusive Maidstone Gulf Club (too exclusive, in Dean's youth, for Jews and minorities). No stranger to hyperbole and guttural outbursts, the DNC's Growler-in-Chief went on to say that "This is a searing, burning issue, and I think it is going to cost George Bush his legacy and it's going to cost the Republicans the House and the Senate and maybe the presidency in the next election. People will never forget this." Assuming every prominent leader of the left has been as slow as Dean to survey the damage firsthand (even Deadeye Dick Cheney beat the DNC Chair there!), Bush needn't worry much on that front.

Make no mistake; the lingering devastation is unacceptable. So too is a national party chair blaming his opposition so exclusively and so dishonestly. "I don't want to be partisan at a time like this," Dean should have said, "but it's really what they pay me for. I've got a tee time at Maidstone I need to make. Where's Carter when you need him?"


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